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Saga de rescate de mascotas Facebook – Mäs nä'ä 10 millones ya jä'i ya 'ñeni ja ar Pet Rescue Saga juego de Facebook.

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Saga rescate mascotas, ar creadores ar Candy Crush Saga & ar creadores ar Candy Crush Saga!

Combina yoho wa mäs bloques xkagentho ar njät'i pa limpiar ar za̲ ár nthe̲ ne salvar ya mascotas ya malvados Pet Snatchers! Ya movimientos ya limitados, nja'bu da planíí ya cuidadosamente. Habilidades rompecabezas ar pondrán da ntsa̲ ko ya ora ar njohya pa romper bloques 'nehe nä'ä da Trucos de Candy Crush!

Saga de rescate de mascotas Facebook

Ha habido un desafortunado giro de los acontecimientos después de la visita del Cachorro’s! Unir ga pa gi fa̲xki Lady Catalina! Ar Villa Sunny Fields mfa̲ts'i 'bu̲i:

Saga de rescate de mascotas Facebook

-Disfruta de episodios ‘Grand Piano Ballroom’ y ‘Balcón a la luz de la luna’! Ko nuya 'RA'YO NIVELES, Nu'bya 'bu̲i mäs de 4600 niveles ar njohya pa da disfrutes 🙂
-Mäs misiones, Desafíos, ne sorpresas!

'Bu̲'bya, Facebook nu'bya te̲ni komongu ar mäs xi hño plataforma dar tsa̲ da 'ñeni xingu juegos divertidos instantáneos.
Ar plataforma ar 'mui xi seguido desarrollando ar ofreciendo ja yá usuarios ar Nar dätä hño sensación ar nä'ä to sentir ar 'ñeni ar juegos entretenidos..
Jawa 'nar Nar dätä hño yá 'bede ya ya mpädi mäs xi juegos 'ra'yo ar Facebook pa da 'ñets'i, dependiendo de ár nt'ets'i ne johya.
Ya 'bu̲hu̲ juegos ar hñäki, rompecabezas, juegos casuales, juegos deportivos, juegos ya nt'ot'e, etc, ga̲tho gi 'bu̲hu̲ categorizados ne ya realmente geniales pa gi ár pa.
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Za̲ ár nthe̲ 69


Za̲ ár nthe̲ 69

In this level you are tasked with bringing four pets to the bottom for rescuing and to earn 20 000 Puntos, except this level is so tricky that you are given six pets to work with, sad but true, you can drop two off the edge and still make it!

imageFor some reason the blocks in this level just dont add up to make great combinations, there is no firecracker to be earnt and about the only good news is there is no limit on the number of moves.

Metal boxes, cages and locked up rocks add a little spice to this already hot curry, the bombs are in glass cases that need smashing before you can use them and it is a good idea (read as ‘great idea, just do it!) to smash your bombs open before unlocking your rocks..yeah as I discovered doing this in the wrong order can really dampen your fire!


Drop your metal boxes around bombs to destroy them.

If you can try to gather your metal boxes around a bomb that has been broken open, this will help destroy them for once and for all. The other way you may be able to destroy them is to leave them at the top a column and let them get knocked off as the screen scrolls, this can be tricky though as there tends to be something sitting on them just as this is about to happenor in my case when it happens, I have thrown so many pets off trying to pass this level!

But like all tricky King games it is possible! just aim to create blocks of colour and choose your moves wisely, remember every move has a consequence, figuring out the best way to open up more combinations is ultimately the key to this game. With a little patience, a lot of luck and a great deal of strategy you’ll be able to nut it out!image

Saga rescate mascotas – 'bu̲i xingu mäs involucrado ar nä'ä mä!

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Za̲ ár nthe̲ 27 – Saga rescate mascotas

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Za̲ ár nthe̲ 59 – Saga rescate mascotas

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Saga rescate mascotas – Za̲ ár nthe̲ 29

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Rescate mascotas – Za̲ ár nthe̲ 43

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