Faito 69


Faito 69

I teie faito, te tasked nei outou i te hopoi e maha animala i raro no te faaoraraa e no te farii i te 20 000 faaite, ia kevaka sa sega na kena tricky sa soli vei kemudou na lewe ono animala me cakacaka vata kei, oto e te parau mau, e nehenehe ta outou e faarue e piti ae i te hiti e a rave noa i te reira!

hohoaNo te tahi mau tumu e ore ai e tia i te mau ofai i roto i teie tuhaa, eiaha ra e amui atu no te rave i te mau faanahoraa rarahi, Aita e firecracker no te earnt e no nia i te parau api maitai roa ae, aita e otia i nia i te numera o te tere.

Afata auri, Ua tuu te afata e te ponaohia i nia i te ofai i nia i te hoe spice nainai i teie nei curry, te bombs i roto i te hapaina, o te titauraa ia i te smashing hou a tia ai ia outou ia faaohipa i te reira e te manao maitai (a taio ei manao rahi & #8216;, rave noa i te reira!& #8217 ;) no te smash i to outou bombs iriti na mua i tatara to outou ofai. e a ite ai au i te reira i roto i te faanahoraa hape e nehenehe e haamarirau i to outou auahi!


A tapiri i ta outou afata auri bombs no te haamou ia ratou.

Mai te mea e nehenehe ta outou e tamata i te haaputuputu i ta outou mau afata auri i nia i te hoe tupita tei vahihia, na teie e tauturu i te reira ia haamou ia ratou i te hoe taime e i te taatoaraa. Te tahi atu ravea e tia ia outou ia haamou ia ratou, o te vaiiho ia ia ratou i nia i te anairaa e ia vaiiho ia ratou ia patoto mai te Saphana mau papai o te paruai, e nehenehe te reira e tricky mai te mea e, te vai ra te te no te parahi i nia iho ia ratou mai te reira te huru…e aore ra, i roto i tou huru a tupu ai te reira, Ua haere au e rave rahi animala no te tamata i teie faito!

Tera ra, mai te mau tricky atoa o te arii e nehenehe e! a tutonu noa no te hamani i te mau ofai colour e a maiti i te mau mea paari, haamanao i te mau nuu atoa tei tupu, te isiping i te ravea maitai roa ae no te iriti i te mau faanahoraa hau atu i te hopea o te taviri ia no teie hauti. Ma te faaoromai rii, e rave rahi te mau tila e te tahi mau strategy ta outou & #8217; ll e nehenehe e nut i te reira!hohoa

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Pet rescue sagait’s a lot more involved than it looks!

hohoaI crush candy and throw pears around, If I wanted to rescue pets I’d head to an animal shelter well that was something I do believe I may have once said. If you’ve ever embarked upon a King adventure then you may have some idea what you are in for….just dont be fooled by the cheery colours and cute critters of Pet RescueIt’ll be fun they said, join us they said! you are great at games you’ll love thisha! well yes it turns out it is fun, in an addictive ‘I can’t even remember if I even own real pets anymorekind of way!

hohoaSo if you’ve crushed your way through a tonne of candy and defied gravity to prove the aerodynamic aptitude of your Papa Pears and are ready for some more thrilling adventures then please join us on our voyage of discovery through the gnarly world that is home to the pet Rescue Saga. The aim of the game is to safely bring down pets to the bottom of the screen by clearing the coloured blocks beneath them. To clear the blocks you must click on two or more adjoining blocks of the same colour, the more blocks joined and cleared the higher the points, and the quicker your poor pets reach the bottom.

Each level has generally two objectives; rescue a certain number of pets and score a certain number of points, easy right! yeah that’s what I thought at first too! Now there are some funky boosters available that are definitely handy in clearing unwanted blocks, but i’m not a coiner, no matter how I look at it there is no way I could justify paying to play a game and the good news is you dont have to, all levels are achievable without buying boostersyou may however have to resort to begging your friends for lives!


Be careful not to let pets fall.

As you clear away blocks the screen scrolls down, the trick is any blocks (or pets) at the top of the screen when you run out of combinations to make fall to their demise, handy if they are unwanted blocks, not so much when they are essential pets needing rescue. Score enough points in succession however and in some levels you are rewarded with a firecracker that can clear an entire vertical column of blocks, very handy indeed! Pet Rescue saga is bottom line another game of strategy and skill with a few decent explosions thrown in for fun. Don’t be disheartened by my somewhat cruel introductionI am admittedly stuck on an insanely difficult level at the moment..so there’s that!

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