Negotiating Pet Rescue Saga and Facebook

imageSo by now you may have figured out that not everyone is a fan of these games, well their loss! Problem is many ‘anti-gamers’ enjoy a good old whinge but there are ways you can keep your appetite for lives and helping hands happily fed and the wingers happily silenced!

  • Find your allies, send out a shout out status calling upon all fellow gamers, anyone who plays any games on Facebook knows the value of a great mutually beneficial friendship. This is not just limited to Pet Rescue too, any hardcore farmers or candy crushers will be happy to scratch your back in return for a little in return!
  • imageimageOnce you have figured out who your real friends are add them all to a smart list. Then every time you post anything Pet Rescue just be sure to select this list as your audience. You can generally choose between public, friends, close friends and any smart lists you may have made. Get familiar with your privacy settings, it can’t do any harm to refresh your settings every now and then anyway!
  • Limit the audience to which the app can post on your behalf, we’ve all seen the results of an app gone wild, sending out requests to complete random friends left right and centre. Go into settings and then into app settings and select ‘only me’ you’d be surprised at how much these things post on your behalf, no wonder some people get a little cranky! they really dont need to know everytime you create a firecracker or pass a friend on the leaderboard…honestly I game (a lot) and the apps are even blocked from my news feed.
  • imageSpeaking of blocking apps it may pay to put out a little status every now and then if you are copping a little negative feedback about how much you post, nothing too dramatic just remind people that they can hit the little ‘X’ in the top right corner of any post to ban it from their news feed completely. The scariest thing about facebook is really the number of people who have no idea what they are doing!
  • If you are stuck on a bridge that you need help from your friends to cross and your friends just aren’t getting the desperate pleas for help (you know when its been like a whole hour and you only have two of the three passes) you can always disconnect from facebook and complete the tasks manually. this obviously only works when you are on a device such as a phone.
  • And finally not really a facebook tip but remember that you can have 5 lives on each device you have the game loaded on, so ipad, iPhone, laptop, desktop (parent/partner or childs phone!) image