Level 59 – Pet Rescue Saga

Oh my, this sweet little game has gotten rather interesting lately! What cruel intentions do the King developers have in store for these poor unfortunate pets next? Level 59 is an innocent looking level, the pets actually get a break on this one as your objective is to clear 85% of the blocks and earn 15 000 points, what’s that you say? sounds easy…yeah its easy…easily the toughest level yet!


Level 59

So what do we do? well the obvious thing is to take every ounce of luck you can squeeze out of each attempt and run with it! You ideally want to create big combinations, and while this sounds nice and simple the reality is you’re not going to be given big combinations. In fact the amount of combinations you are given at all is pretty pitiful. Every attempt I made (and boy there were many!) never resulted in a single firecracker being produced, very disappointing!

imageBut it is afterall possible, you just have to anticipate where your blocks will fall and carefully plan your attack this way. One very handy tip is that you can make combinations above diamonds before they smash. So if you briefly see a combination that will last only until the diamond’s box shatters and it hits the ground then by all means hit it before this happens.

Try and figure out what works best for you, some games I came close working from the top down and others went faster from the bottom up, but the key is how you visualise easiest…oh and did I mention luck? (*oh and of you have a couple of spare boosters left over from the freebies you were given at the beginning this may just be the level to crack them out on!)

The most frustrating thing about this level is that it looks so easy! you may need to rely upon blocks joining up once they have hit the bottom, in fact this proved to be a very valuable part of my success! ~ good luck! image