Top Pet Rescue tips and tricks

imageIf you are finding yourself stuck on a Pet Rescue Saga level find some solace in the fact you are probably not alone! The good news is there are some strategies available to try and crunch your way through some tougher times. The key to this game in my belief is consequence, every move you make will have a consequence and its up to you to firstly figure out what you need to do and how best to achieve this.


Some blocks are in cages, these can be freed by destroying adjacent blocksbut not by balloons!

You first need to assess your board, have you a limited number of moves? or is a case of by any means possible? are there Balloons, cages, pet boxes, springs, locks requiring keys or bombs that need to be broken free? There are quite a few different elements in this game and figuring out how to capitalize on each one effectively is important!

  • Coloured balloonspretty simple hit a red balloon and all the red bricks disappear, unless they are caged. Balloons do not need to be matched with any other bricks and can be handy to clear a board with few possible matches, just keep in mind if you blow them up with a bomb they won’t work. Use balloons wisely to create bigger matches.
  • CagesSome levels have bricks in cages, you have to hit these with an adjacent match to free the bricks to enable them to be destroyed. It is often important to focus on freeing these caged blocks otherwise you may find yourself out of moves.
  • Bombsthese little black beauties do what bombs do best..they go boom! just a little boom, nothing too dramatic here but the surrounding bricks will be destroyed, perfect for clearing the way for a lost little pooch, I like to save my bombs to be used at the very bottom. Note you can set off a bomb next to a pet quite safely, they really dont seem to mind! Some levels have the bombs encased in glass that needs to be smashed first.


    Freed bombs can be saved until a pet is just above it.

  • Locked rocks! – you know how you get the urge to lock up a rock? no? well someone at King does, anyway the keys are hidden on the board, generally in a glass case that needs to be smashed open by either dropping to the ground or onto a solid rock, pipe, bit of earth or other random feature (not onto another glass box though) once the key is freed you dont have to use it immediately, it will hang around until you need to use it. Blocks or pets dont drop past locked rocks, which is why they need to be freed in the first place!
  • Double ended springthis little piece of geniusness once activated clears an entire line horizontally in both directions, they are particularly useful when faced with metal boxes!
  • Metal boxesyeah they existI dont know why? just an extra added speed bump I guess. They cannot be matched with anything to be destroyed ..unless its a bomb or a spring! They can be particularly irritating if you manage to land your pets on them just as they get to the bottom, without something to knock them out they just sit there.


    ever felt a little boxed in?