Top Pet Rescue tips and tricks

If you are finding yourself stuck on a Pet Rescue Saga level find some solace in the fact you are probably not alone! The good news is there are some strategies available to try and crunch your way through some tougher times. The key to this game in … [Continue reading]

Pet Rescue Saga Help

Welcome to the Pet Rescue Saga website. The first place to get help for Pet rescue Saga! Here you will find hints and tips, as well as level guide videos. The aim of this site is to bring together all the experience of hundreds, if not … [Continue reading]

Pet Rescue Saga Level 26 Help


TIP: On this level you have to rescue 7 Pets and reach 20 000 points. You need to first of all make sure you get rid of the block on the left hand side in the first row, as this is easily missed and, if you are aiming for 3-stars, can really scupper … [Continue reading]

Pet Rescue Saga Windows Phone

Unfortunately you cannot current get Pet Rescue Saga for Windows Phones yet until the developer King brings out a Windows phone version of Pet Rescue Saga. However Pet Rescue Saga does support the following devices: Apple devices Pet Rescue … [Continue reading]

Download Pet Rescue Saga to PC

pet rescue saga download for pc

Although Pet Rescue Saga is primarily for the Facebook, Android and Iphone market you can download Pet Rescue Saga the game onto your PC or MAC. Once it is downloaded you can play Pet Rescue Saga on PC Click here to download Pet Rescue Saga to … [Continue reading]

Pet Rescue Saga Level 96

Pet Rescue Saga Level 96 is a tricky level so get past our hints and tips on Level 96 are:   … [Continue reading]

Pet Rescue Saga Level 82

Our cheats and tips for Pet Rescue Saga Level 82 are:   … [Continue reading]

What is Pet Rescue Saga?

Pet Rescue Saga is an online, app and facebook game from Several dogs, cats and birds have been trapped in a burning building, and it is up to you to rescue them! You have fire extinguishers and helicopters to aid you, but your supply is … [Continue reading]

Pet Rescue Saga Game

pet rescue saga facebook game

Welcome to the fan site for the Pet Rescue Saga game. Pet Rescue Saga is a match 3 puzzle game where you have to rescue pets. If you are stuck on the Pet Rescue Saga Facebook game and looking for help on how to pass, how to solve, and how to … [Continue reading]

Pet Rescue Saga Level 10

Pet Rescue Saga Level 10 Tips. Level 10 on Pet Rescue Saga can be very frustrating. Follow these simple tips to increase your chances of moving ...     … [Continue reading]