Pet rescue saga – it’s a lot more involved than it looks!

image“I crush candy and throw pears around, If I wanted to rescue pets I’d head to an animal shelter” well that was something I do believe I may have once said. If you’ve ever embarked upon a King adventure then you may have some idea what you are in for….just dont be fooled by the cheery colours and cute critters of Pet Rescue…“It’ll be fun they said, join us they said! you are great at games you’ll love this”  ha! well yes it turns out it is fun, in an addictive ‘I can’t even remember if I even own real pets anymore’ kind of way!

imageSo if you’ve crushed your way through a tonne of candy and defied gravity to prove the aerodynamic aptitude of your Papa Pears and are ready for some more thrilling adventures then please join us on our voyage of discovery through the gnarly world that is home to the pet Rescue Saga. The aim of the game is to safely bring down pets to the bottom of the screen by clearing the coloured blocks beneath them. To clear the blocks you must click on two or more adjoining blocks of the same colour, the more blocks joined and cleared the higher the points, and the quicker your poor pets reach the bottom.

Each level has generally two objectives; rescue a certain number of pets and score a certain number of points, easy right! yeah that’s what I thought at first too! Now there are some funky boosters available that are definitely handy  in clearing unwanted blocks, but i’m not a coiner, no matter how I look at it there is no way I could justify paying to play a game and the good news is you dont have to, all levels are achievable without buying boosters…you may however have to resort to begging your friends for lives!


Be careful not to let pets fall.

As you clear away blocks the screen scrolls down, the trick is any blocks (or pets) at the top of the screen when you run out of combinations to make fall to their demise, handy if they are unwanted blocks, not so much when they are essential pets needing rescue. Score enough points in succession however and in some levels you are rewarded with a firecracker that can clear an entire vertical column of blocks, very handy indeed! Pet Rescue saga is bottom line another game of strategy and skill with a few decent explosions thrown in for fun. Don’t be disheartened by my somewhat cruel introduction…I am admittedly stuck on an insanely difficult level at the there’s that!

Things that go ‘Boom!’ ~ Pet Rescue Firecrackers

imageOne of the most handy tools you have access to in Pet Rescue is the Firecracker, If you look to the bottom right of your screen you will find a little meter that needs to be fed with points, the bigger the combinations the better. Fill this meter by clearing bricks and a little firecracker appears, this little gem is very valuable, simply point it at the column you need to clear (like the one with the doe eyed puppy on top about to be tipped off) and this column including any metal boxes or glass cases will be destroyed..except for caged or locked bricks, they require unlocking first.


You can align your cracker with the correct column and select the green tick to fire!

The good news is pets apparently love fireworks and quite happily bounce through the explosion and scurry off to the bottom (*note this does not apply in real life, most dogs are severe pyrotechnophobes!). Learning how to create these firecrackers quickly and efficiently and knowing when to use them and when to hang on to them is perhaps one of the major skills of this game!

You dont have to use your Firecracker as soon as it appears, its not going anywhere but just keep in mind that you can only have one at a time, any further points you earn will not be stored in the meter. You can only start earning another cracker once the first one has been set off. Because of this I like to set off my crackers as they appear. If you have a pet suck on a ledge of earth or pipe you can bump him off by placing a firecracker up the column to its left (Don’t ask me why pets dont fall to the right!)

Setting off a cracker is simply a matter of either selecting the green tick, or if you change your mind and want to hang on to it just hit the red ‘X’. Keep in mind that the blocks dont always fall straight down, they have a tendency to cascade into the space, which can often spoil your groove if you are trying to set up some big combinations. If blocks are at the bottom of the board with nothing above them to fill in the space they scoot over (again to the left) and join up with any other remaining blocks . This is very handy to keep in mind especially when you need to clear a certain percentage of blocks out of the way to fulfil your objective.

General Pet Rescue hints and tip

imageIf you’ve committed to the Pet rescue voyage here are a few hints, tips and tricks to help you along your way!

  • imageIf you want a little love you have to give a little love! –  Spending the time to send your friends lives every time you log in (or a prompted to do so) is the best way to ensure your own mailbox will be bursting with sanity saving helpful love. Give a little get a little!
  • imageDon’t do everything you are told! – its just no fun..but its also relevant in this case, when you open up your pet saga game you are often met with a screen prompting you to send lives, moves or invites to friends…DO NOT send invites, seriously if someone is not playing by now they dont want to be, either that or they live under a rock. Send lives and moves to friends who are already playing, but sending out invites is just advertising for King and it upsets a lot of people, especially those who are not too tech savvy as they usually receive every notification as an email too.
  • imageUse your moves!  – Unlike Candy Crush and Papa Pear saga any left over moves in Pet Rescue saga don’t get turned into a points bonus when your objectives are completed, once your pets are rescued and your points objective is met that’s the end..thankyou for playing, move right along now! so if you  really want to earn those three stars I suggest you work your last  pet to the bottom and sit it on top of a fail proof group of blocks that you can clear with your very last move or if you have a firecracker to use you can always go with that.
  • imageKnock your blocks off!  –  Metal boxes are pains in the neck! seriously cheers for that! there are only two ways to remove them from the board to; blow them up or knock them off. Using a bomb you can clear up to four boxes at a time or try to leave them at the top of a column to be tipped off once the screen moves down. There is nothing more frustrating than battling your way to the bottom only to find you have a cute and fluffy perched on a box!

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