General Pet Rescue hints and tip

imageIf you’ve committed to the Pet rescue voyage here are a few hints, tips and tricks to help you along your way!

  • imageIf you want a little love you have to give a little love! –  Spending the time to send your friends lives every time you log in (or a prompted to do so) is the best way to ensure your own mailbox will be bursting with sanity saving helpful love. Give a little get a little!
  • imageDon’t do everything you are told! – its just no fun..but its also relevant in this case, when you open up your pet saga game you are often met with a screen prompting you to send lives, moves or invites to friends…DO NOT send invites, seriously if someone is not playing by now they dont want to be, either that or they live under a rock. Send lives and moves to friends who are already playing, but sending out invites is just advertising for King and it upsets a lot of people, especially those who are not too tech savvy as they usually receive every notification as an email too.
  • imageUse your moves!  – Unlike Candy Crush and Papa Pear saga any left over moves in Pet Rescue saga don’t get turned into a points bonus when your objectives are completed, once your pets are rescued and your points objective is met that’s the end..thankyou for playing, move right along now! so if you  really want to earn those three stars I suggest you work your last  pet to the bottom and sit it on top of a fail proof group of blocks that you can clear with your very last move or if you have a firecracker to use you can always go with that.
  • imageKnock your blocks off!  –  Metal boxes are pains in the neck! seriously cheers for that! there are only two ways to remove them from the board to; blow them up or knock them off. Using a bomb you can clear up to four boxes at a time or try to leave them at the top of a column to be tipped off once the screen moves down. There is nothing more frustrating than battling your way to the bottom only to find you have a cute and fluffy perched on a box!

Level 27 – Pet Rescue Saga


Level 27

So Level 27 starts off innocently enough, albeit a little ‘Matrix’ with the suspended blocks. There are a few handy hint and tips for getting through this stage with the correct number of rescued pets and a decent number of stars to boot!

  • First of all its good to know that pets only come down one at a time, dont bother trying to bring down anymore on the other side of the board if your pet is stuck, it just wont work. If your pet is in a pickle try and join blocks around it or aim for some big combos and use a firecracker!
  • Use your balloons wisely! There are quite a few coloured balloons thrown around on this board and they can be very handy. Use them to clear blocks beneath your pet or to join up banks of the same coloured blocks. The only thing better than using one balloon to make some big combos is to use two (different colours …obviously!)
  • image

    Suspended blocks anyone?

  • Keep in mind this level has a limited number of moves, 60 in fact and you have 8 pets to rescue so keep the ‘dilly dally’ to a minimum, take care of business first, this is a game not playtime!
  • Firecrackers as always are your friends, if you earn one use it to bring down a pet, not much point in saving it or the ‘rainy day’ will be upon you before you realise!
  • Aim to remove all of one colour to score the big points, balloons are handy but not essential to do this. Scoring three stars is nice but keep in mind your priority is the rescue the poor little pets! Just work one column at a time and you will have this done in no time. If you have some moves left over this will add to your score or you can set your pet up then work on scoring some points. Keep you eyes open for multiplier blocks! they can make a big difference to your score particularly if you combine some together!


    Removing all but one colour can make for some big points scoring!